JotForm: Exciting New Features Coming in 2023

by | Jan 17, 2023 | Jotform

Zach Cali


JotForm, the popular online form builder, is always working to improve and innovate its platform. In 2023, JotForm users can expect to see new features and updates that will make form-building more efficient and effective.

JotForm New Features

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One of the most exciting updates coming in 2023 introduces an, AI-powered form builder. This new tool uses machine learning to make forms that help users get what they want. It’s easier than ever to get your audience’s information.

Tailored to different devices

Another new feature coming to JotForm in 2023 is the ability to create forms that are specifically tailored to different devices. With this feature, users can create forms that work on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. If forms are accessible to all users, regardless of the device they’re using, this is possible.

Multiple languages

JotForm will also be introducing a feature in 2023 that will allow users to create forms in multiple languages. This will let businesses get information from a global audience. This is good for businesses that operate in multiple countries. In addition, with the click of a button, they’ll be able to access a wealth of information from customers around the world.

Filled out offline

JotForm’s brand new feature will allow users to create forms that can be filled out offline, which will be particularly useful for businesses that operate in areas with poor internet connectivity or for users that want to fill out forms on the go. This new feature will be available starting today.

Integrations with other platforms

Furthermore, JotForm will improve existing features, like integrations with other platforms and analytics tools. JotForm will become even better for you, with more ways to manage forms and communicate with customers. JotForm will be even more useful and powerful for you, letting you manage forms and communicate with customers. You’ll get new features and tools that will help you create and manage your forms better.


Lastly, JotForm’s future looks bright and unlimited, with new features and updates that will make the form-building process more efficient and effective. JotForm gives businesses tools to gather information from their audience, no matter where they are or what device they use. JotForm is 20 years old. It’s the best form builder for businesses that want to increase engagement and conversion rates.

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