Buildertrend: Connecting Your Project Management

by | Jan 17, 2023 | Buildertrend

Zach Cali


Buildertrend is a powerful project management software for the construction and remodeling industry, and one of its best features is its ability to integrate with other apps and services. These integrations allow users to connect their project management with the tools they use every day, streamlining their workflow and increasing productivity.


Buildtrend Integration

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One of the most popular integrations for Buildertrend is with QuickBooks, the popular accounting software. With this integration, users can easily view and track their sales data from within QuickBooks. This integration is especially useful for small businesses that want to keep track of their sales data in one location.

Another popular integration for Buildertrend is with DocuSign, the electronic signature platform. This integration allows users to easily send and sign documents, such as contracts and change orders, directly from within Buildertrend. What’s more, this can save a lot of time and make the process of getting approvals much more efficient. Tool integration with communication tools lets team members share files and collaborate on projects in real time.

Moreover, another integration is with cloud storage services. People can now store and share project documents in the cloud with this new service. You can find out more information about this new service by visiting the company’s website. Also, this makes it easy for team members to access the most up-to-date versions of these documents, even when they’re working remotely.

Buildertrend integrates with many other apps and services, like CRM, scheduling, and project management tools. In addition, buildertrend connects tools users use everyday to make their workflow more efficient and their projects more successful.

Overall, Buildertrend’s ability to integrate with other apps and services is one of its greatest strengths. These connections let users use project management tools they use every day, saving time and increasing productivity.¬†Buildertrend helps businesses in construction and remodeling by managing projects from start to finish, and staying connected with team members.

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